How It All Began...

  This mother-daughter duo had an up close and personal encounter with a "shadow figure"  in 2009. This peaked their curiosity and led them to begin their paranormal pursuit, but more often than not, the paranormal has always pursued them first. They have witnessed all aspects of the paranormal including the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.   Check out their book to find out the intense details in their paranormal tell-all, "What Doesn't Kill You..."

*The name "P.Act." came from the words Paranormal (P.) and Activity (ACT.) which seemed fitting for the duo, considering they are making a pact to find answers!*

Meet the Duo:


                Experienced "unexplained" occurrences most memorably starting at the age of 13.  In 2009, when she encountered the    shadow figure mentioned above, she was left without any doubts of the existence of the paranormal.  She then founded  P.Act.  Paranormal.          She strives to gather evidence of the spirit world.  The curiosity of the unknown, along with the immense passion for paranormal   investigating drives her, in her attempt to make the presence of the spirit world known, find answers to her own questions, and to document                                                                                                        all efforts.


                  After experiencing paranormal activity for herself, she is on  mission to better understand the spirit world and why

    they remainShe longs to provide solid evidence of their existence and turn any skeptics into believers. She is the Co-Founder of P.Act.